Circa 1955 - Who and Why?

My name is Nicole Nichols and I grew up in southern California.  Our trips to Disneyland were  always packed with fun and special memories.  As time went by and  no matter how hard I tried...I grew up and life took me away from California.

In November 2015, I visited the park again. One thing struck me more than any other visit before - the scents.  Having a candle company and feeling inspired by these new scents, I went home determined to start a new project.  With a  little bit of this and a little bit of that, and lots of trial and error, I was finally happy.  I gave my sister a candle and simply asked, "What does this smell like to you?"  Her complete disbelief that the iconic water scent from that epic  pirate-themed ride had been captured in candle form told me I was onto something.

We named this little project Circa 1955 because, quite simply, on July 17th 1955, Uncle Walt opened the doors to a wonderful place that inspires each of us.

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