What's Inside?

One or two candles will grace your doorstep each month.  

It just depends on which subscription you choose!

Single Candle Boxes

Our Sweet Treat and Explorer boxes feature one candle per month.  These boxes are great for people who occasionally burn candles.  The Sweet Treat box gives you one candle based on a sweet treat or snack found in the parks.  The Explorer box features one candle based on an attraction, resort or other area of the park.  


Signature Box

Our Signature Box features BOTH the sweet treat candle and the explorer candle in it's box.  This is great for people who love burning candles and reliving all their fun Disney memories.  It's our most popular option!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose what scent(s) I receive?

Our monthly boxes revolve around specific themes, areas of the parks, and seasons.  The scents will be chosen for you in accordance with the theme we're using.

Can I order individual candles?

Yes!!  Please visit www.luxillume.com/circa-1955 for all individual candle purchases.

Can I skip months?

You bet!  You can log into your account and skip months or cancel anytime.

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